Tuesday, February 4, 2014

... terasa ker? ...

I wonder if i suddenly get jealous?
But why?
Not because still love him. But our memory.
Hope he keeps it.

Also me.

Im too scare that my mouth cannot shut.
How is my marriage?
What about me?

Sejak ini lah kena menjaga keaiban orang lain. Supaya Allah menjaga keaiban kita kan.

I need to meet my fiancee. I need him to fall in love with him again.

I wanna call him. But im scare that he might be driving. I think so.

Listening his voice can stop my heart for thinking about other person. I mean old memory. No more overload thinking.

One of the reason i choose him becoz i always think about him if i go out with others.

He choose me with no reason.

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