Monday, May 20, 2013

... leaving you ...

i have a friend.
and he is a man. a very kind one.
i do love him as a friend. yess. i do.
something is happening and suddenly i fall in love with other guy.
i dont want to compare both of them.
because every each their personalities have their own special.
i love them who they are. not because of me.
and i have to leave my own friend.
i regret with what had i done.
i approach a new guy.
i tot we just friend.
when time by time is running, something came from my heart.
i tried to avoid it but i cant.
what must i do.
i have to asked help from Allah SWT.
i afraid that i couldn't accept what have faith to me.
im afraid im losing every person that i love.
and i dont want to lose a friend that i love much.
semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar.
semoga pilihan ini diberkati Allah.
semoga kawan aku bahagia.
lebih bahagia.
aku takut kehilangan dia sebab dia sentiasa ada untuk aku.
aku tahu.
aku takut.
harap semua okay.
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