Saturday, April 6, 2013

... You better than others ...

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i know that you are clever than me.
I am proud of you.
but sometimes you make me sick!
You make me annoying!

I try to pretend that everything is okay.
but actually dont!
thats why i dont want to talk with you so much.
because when we all talking about one story, you will proud somethings that yours.
yess! i know that you are the better one.
better than me.
but dont do like that.

just because in your siblings that you are the weak one doesnt mean you have to be the great one belongs of us?

i try to accept you.
but the way you talk.
the way you treat me.
like Im the dumb one.

make me feels like, WTH!

just because what i trying to said is not always false.
it is true but not too details.

as long as i accept my destiny and i try to fixed it.

you just crying and hope someone will be right by your side.
and told them that your life is the worse one!

we all grow up!
we have a brain.
think before talk!

i love you as my friend. but you make me hate you most.
just because

you are better than others.

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