Saturday, September 3, 2011

✖ jatuh cinta lagi? ✖

I wish that I can turn back.
But I cant

Past is always be past.
But I love him very much.

I cant see his eye.
I cant see his smile.
Make me melting like ice cream.

I fall in love again with him

What have I done?
I should not call him!
I should not ever make him fall in love with me either.
But he always love me.
He always know what to do when I sulking.
He alwys know about me.

Sometimes people said that
Sometimes we had to lose person in past for mature in future.
And the words are reality and meaning full to me.

He proposes me.
And I like to say yes but I cant because my family do not want him.
They said, the past always be the past, and past will never same like now.
And the sweet things happen in past will never be same again and again.

In deep of my heart.
I love him again.

His big eyes.
Big mouth
His attitude.
His perfect.
Still like we have been date before.

He still him.
Never change.

I wish that I can love him again.

I wish!


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